Music for games

A selection of songs I’ve written for recent video games and collaborative music projects.


Composed all music, sound effects, and engineered final mix for Grave Rave Games’s debut title “Squish.”

“Squish is a fierce, competitive, and lightning fast local multiplayer platformer where you and up to three friends join an underground rave of the gooey undead and party it up until it starts falling down. Literally. Even as debris rain down on you, you must run, jump, and push blocks around to put yourself in a better position and squish your opponents. Last goo around takes it all!“


Nasa’s NeMO-net

Composed music, sound effects, and engineered final mix for NASA's NeMO-Net.

"NeMO-Net is a single player iPad game where players classify coral by painting 3D models of coral. Players can also rate the classifications of other players as they classify coral from locations all over the world! The data collected by this app will be used to train a neural network at NASA AMES Laboratory for Advanced Sensing, so we can learn more about our Oceans and explore the possibility of coral on Mars long ago. NeMO-Net will be releasing in June 2018!"


Skyshifter: A Musical Shoot Em’ Up

Skyshifter is a musical shoot­ em’ ­up game about evoking synesthesia through aural and visual feedback. Players will take the role of a space outlaw attempting to get away with an inter-­dimensional bank robbery, and must fight off enemies by changing the rhythm and tempo of the game’s soundtrack. Each swarm of enemy ships will react visually and musically to the player’s choices, creating a style of combat where players must develop their musical intuition and reflexes to survive. By mastering a sense of rhythm and tempo, players will earn and multiply their points as they battle across the galaxy and between dimensions.


mixtape 01 Edelweiss - Project Garden -

Edelweiss is the debut entry in the GDA Sound Dungeon’s summer mixtapes, a project where a group of up-and-coming video game composers practice writing music to a theme.

The story of Edelweiss follows Edel, a synthesized human being sleeping in a mysterious database called The Garden. Built to house humanity’s memories after their demise, The Garden is sent into space along with Edel to search for another planet capable of life. Each song featured in this mixtape follows a chapter in Edel's adventure and the memories she finds. As you listen, we hope these songs transport you alongside her journey.